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CHS Buddy deals with various CCTV Service in Delhi

CCTV stands for TV System which has signals that are not publicly distributed but are monitored, basically for surveillance and security purpose. CCTV basically relies on the strategic placement of cameras in your home, office, shopping complex for the observations of the camera’s input on monitors somewhere.

Now-a-days as crimes are increasing day by day, one must get CCTV installed in Home in Delhi. One can get the CCTV Installation done by the company executive or can avail services from various others company personnel’s. CHS Buddy deals with different types of CCTV in Delhi:

  • Dome Cameras: Dome Security cameras are dome shaped cameras which are basically used in homes, casinos, showrooms etc. They are more fashionable therefore can blend with the surroundings.
  • Bullet Cameras: They are the variation of the box cameras which are waterproof and are sealed permanently on the roof.
  • C Mount Cameras: These are the cameras which are basically used in movie lens, closed circuit televisions, machine vision cameras etc.
  • PTZ Cameras: It stands for Pan Till Zoom. It can be controlled with the help of a remote and one can be able to direct several directions.
  • Speed Dome Cameras: They are very versatile and can be hung on a wall or ceiling. Basically used in shops and homes as they are very small in size.

CCTV Component Repair in Delhi

  • CCTV Cameras: Cameras are accessible in High Definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) quality. An HD camera for the most part costs around 1100-1500 rupees while an SD camera costs somewhere close to 600-1200 rupees. A Dome formed camera is utilized inside and a slug camera is wanted to utilize outside. There are an assortment of brands extending from Hikvision to Sony and other spending brands from where the determination can be made.
  • Advanced Video Recorder: This is the focal unit which is utilized to process and record the video from CCTV cameras. The computerized video recorder ought to be ideally of a similar brand or ought to be good with the cameras. For the DVR to be good it should bolster the innovation being utilized in the CCTV camera (HD-CVI, AHD and so forth.) and should bolster the goals.
  • Cable: The wire used to interface CCTV cameras is a ''3+1 copper wire'' which is given in 90mtrs Bundles. A '90mtr group' is adequate for a 4 camera establishment. A pack costs between INR 600 – 1100. The expense relies on nature of wire for example full copper Vs. Copper covering Vs. Aluminum wire.
  • Hard-Disk Drive: A Hard-Disk is utilized for Backup of recording and is appended to the DVR. The HDD for CCTV ranges from 500 GB to 2TB. A 1TB HDD can give 30 days of reinforcement for a lot of 4 cameras (1.3 MP) while a 500 GB HDD would offer as long as 15 days of reinforcement for a similar set. Extraordinary HDD is utilized for reconnaissance purposes as general HDD are not intended for 24x7 uses.

CHS Buddy helps you in getting your CCTV service in Delhi. Our team of skilled professionals helps you to work in a better way and provides you with the best possible solution at a cost effective price. Our technician will visit your place and will inspect the condition and will give you advice, after which you can avail the service or can even deny it. But in that case you have to pay the visiting charges or inspection fees accordingly.


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