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As we all know, these days Air conditioner have become a necessity with the changing weather and this scorching heat makes us uncomfortable. In case we are stuck in a room without an AC it becomes difficult for us to live. Hence for over-coming this we need to get our AC Repair and Serviced on time.

Again searching for a AC technician becomes a task when you have to rush for a job in the morning and there is no one to take care of the things. In order to provide you the technicians at your doorstep and at your scheduled time, CHS Buddy proves to be the best AC Repair and Service provider.

CHS Buddy is connected with a team of professional AC Repair and Service technician who could help to provide the services whenever you need them. We provide guaranteed Window - Split AC Repair, AC Service, AC Installation, AC Gas Refilling in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida and the technicians will help you by providing the proper solution to your problem.

Why only professionals need for AC Repair and Service?

Hiring a professional will help you get AC Repair and Service done on time and even with proper effectiveness and efficiency. Even you can be satisfied by the quality of the work done by the technicians. Some common mistakes which are done by technicians:

  1. Not changing the AC's air filters
  2. Ignore the proper unit for AC
  3. Not considering the room size and not taking care of how they are putting it
  4. Not cleaning the outside wall
  5. Not handling the machine properly
  6. Not removing the coolant
  7. Not checking the proper spacing between the wall and the machine body

Technicians connected with CHS Buddy have a deep knowledge in the field of AC Repair and Service. They work with a proper manner and with effectiveness with help them gain the trust with the customers. The professionalism found in the technicians is incomparable and they work according to the customer as the satisfaction of the customer values for them. They work for and with the customer.

There is something which the professionals take care of while others don’t such as:

  1. Checks the elements properly
  2. Checks all the wears and tears of the wires
  3. Checks the performance of the air conditioner
  4. Troubleshoots the problem in an efficient manner

When to hire professionals?

At times, there is something happened wrong with the AC that we need to get it checked with the professional only else it could cause damage:

  1. When you feel that your condenser coil is not working properly and giving you hot air
  2. A lot of dust is set on the machine and it needs regular maintenance
  3. There is a problem for gas leakage
  4. Compressor not working properly
  5. Enhancing the value and life of machine
  6. AC not getting proper power supply and much more

Hence, in order to maintain the equipment properly one must hire a technician regularly on time and get it repaired and serviced which will enhance their performance by effect of time.

CHS Buddy deals with various services related to AC such as:

  1. AC Repair
  2. AC Service
  3. AC Installation
  4. AC Uninstallation
  5. Gas Refilling in AC
  6. Shifting of AC
  7. Cooling of AC
  8. Compressor Problem and many others
Why hire AC Repair and Service technician in Delhi NCR from CHS Buddy?

CHS Buddy provides technicians who deal with AC Repair and Service whether it is a split AC Service or a window AC Service. CHS Buddy is connected with skilled and professional technicians who help to give us the affordable rate and a good solution to any of the problems such as:

  1. AC Gas leakage
  2. AC Compressor Issue
  3. AC Condenser Problem
  4. AC Icing on the wings
  5. Power Cut in AC
  6. Problems with on/off in AC and Many more

The technicians provided by CHS Buddy are highly experienced in their field and are dealing with the repair work from years. They will give you a cost effective solution for all your problems. We deal in all types of AC such as Window AC, Split AC, Duct AC, etc. And even in all brands such as Samsung AC Service, Onida AC Service, O-General AC Service Voltas AC Service, Sony AC Service, LG AC Service, Blue Star AC Service, Daikon AC Service Hitachi AC Service Panasonic AC Service, Carrier AC Service and many more.

CHS Buddy technicians will tell you the rates depending upon the complexity of the problem and at times after inspection of the issue. You, being the valuable customer for CHS Buddy have the right to cross check the rates of the services told to you by the technician with others as well and even CHS Buddy guarantees to give the best rate.

You can easily connect with technicians at CHS Buddy as you just have to select the location and the service and then the complete list for the technicians will be displayed in front of you and you can call the technician whomsoever you feel like to talk with. The technicians will help you to get you the service at your doorstep and will quote you the best possible rate along the effective solution of your problem.

Types of AC Service provided:

  1. Window AC Installation in Delhi
  2. Window AC Installation in Noida
  3. Window AC Installation in Gurgaon
  4. Split AC Installation in Delhi
  5. Split AC Uninstallation in Delhi
  6. Window AC Uninstallation in Delhi
  7. Split AC Uninstallation in Noida
  8. Split AC Uninstallation in Gurgaon
  9. AC Installation in Faridabad
  10. AC Uninstallation in Faridabad
  11. AC Service in Delhi
  12. AC Service in Gurgaon
  13. AC Service in Noida
  14. AC Service in Faridabad
  15. Gas Refilling in Delhi

CHS Buddy provides AC Repair and Service proves to be the best service provider in the leading market of home maintenance services. It is emerging as the perfect brand and one stop solution for all your problems for home maintenance.

Sharing the link for the website will help in reaching new heights for CHS Buddy and you can help the technicians as well by providing them work and help them earn better for their families and children. A small effort from your end will help the poor and the needy ones.


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